$220 New Patient Deal

$220 New Patient Deal

Checkup, Xrays, Clean and Planning

Most serious dental issues we see are preventable and early intervention can saves our patients a lot of money.

When we give your mouth a check we are looking for anything that can cause you problems before it's too late.

A checkup and clean will help keep your mouth fresh and disease free, as well as minimising the risk of an unexpected surprise, our patients get a dental check with a clean to ensure their mouth is well maintained and so they can smile with confidence.

Our $220 initial package is valued at over $400

  • Dental and Soft Tissue check
  • Oral Cancer Screening
  • 2x Bitewing Xrays
  • Ultrasonic Clean
  • Fluoride Treatment
  • OPG if needed
  • Treatment Plan and discussion

If you have a health fund, make sure to bring it a long to your appointment for your claim to be processed on the day, hassle free!

Your health fund claim will be deducted from this deal.  If they pay more than this, the total is retained by the clinic for services provided.  Depending on your level of cover, this may mean you have no gap.

In cases of significant buildup or gum disease, a thorough clean may attract extra fees.

How much are recalls?

$199 Recalls

To keep our pricing simple and to eliminate surprises, a 6 month recall, including a check and clean will be capped at $199 the first 3 years.  If xrays are needed, it will be capped at $220.

For your convenience, if you are unable to schedule your recall on the day of the appointment, The Salisbury Dentist will send a reminder every 6 months.  Remember, we also offer online bookings so you can make an appointment at a time that suits you. If you are busy during the week, look for our after hours appointments.

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