Over the years, I have seen patients struggle to budget for dental treatment.  It often comes at a time when you least expect and can least afford it.  To make budgeting easier, a payment plan spreads payments out to make them more manageable.

The Salisbury Dentist went on a hunt to find a plan that was fair and simple.  Whether you have an emergency or need a smile make-over, a payment plan has to look after our patients as well as we wish to.  After looking through many options, we found MySmilePlan.

MySmilePlan is operated by OpenPay and they understand what our patients want.  So, they make it simple without unnecessary fees, and best of all, it’s interest free!

MySmilePlan will have you smiling today!

Simplicity – We can set up a MySmilePlan account in the clinic in less than 5 minutes.  All we need is a credit card and your drivers licence.

Low Setup Fees – There are no surprises with these plans. They are laid out clearly and you are given an outline of your payments when you sign up.  You choose what day the debit is transferred to sync with your individual pay cycle.

No interest – You won’t be charged interest at any time.

No penalty for early termination.  If you pay the plan off early, you will save money on the account keeping fee.

If you are in need of dental work and are concerned about your budget, give us a call or book online.  The solution is easier than you think!

For more information, check out our Payment Plan Information Page.