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For patients in Moorooka, the Salisbury Dentist will make it easy.

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  • 5 Minutes away from Moorooka

Kids Dental

Quality dental care for your kids can be hard to find.  Our dentists are near Moorooka and experienced with kids and will give them the patience and empathy they need to give the best chance of success.  It's worth checking your kid's eligibility for Free Kids Dental on the Child Dental Benefits scheme here.

Bulk Billing Dentists and Payment Plans

No matter what your budget, we can help you out.  Many government funded schemes can help you get access to the dental care you NEED.  We deal with all the paperwork for you to save you from a headache, when you already have a toothache!

If you don't meet eligibility criteria, however, we do offer payment plans to help you out.  We have carefully selected our partners in Payment Plans that will get you out of trouble fast, and allow you to pay after treatment is finished.  Read more...


Whether you want to get the same smile back or have a fresh new look, we offer Cosmetic Dental Care close to Moorooka that will restore your self confidence.   Whitening, Braces, Veneers and Crowns are great ways to help you feel like a new you.  Treatment is offered under the careful guidance of your dentist to help you choose an option right for you.


The Salisbury Dentist has the facilities to place implants in house and under sedation where required.  Dental implants are currently the best single tooth replacement available and we offer Free Consultations to discuss your options. Find out more...


Our modern dental clinic is 5 minutes from Moorooka. When  you arrive, you will find easy parking at the door to the clinic.  Just look out for the Salisbury McDonalds! Read more...

Our Moorooka dentists passionately deliver premium service and excellent care. You are our focus and we share our knowledge to help make decisions that are right for you.