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Free Kids Dental

We understand Kids

Our Dentists are experienced with kids of all ages.  We regularly treat kids with special needs including those with Autism and ADHD.  Our dentists are patient and empathetic. It is our goal make each dental trip fun by making a visit interactive and being guided by your child's limits.  Sometimes it will take a number of visits to get the ideal outcome to stop your child developing a lifelong fear.

Child Dental Benefits Scheme

The Federal Government provides $1000 per child to some families to use at the dentist. It is called the Child Dental Benefits Scheme (CDBS).  These funds can be used towards almost any dental work and the balance is renewed every 2 years!

At The Salisbury Dentist, we love making a kid’s trip to the dentist fun.  To make things easy for you, we even bulk bill to South Brisbane Oral Health unit so you don’t have to do any running around.  Read our Tips for the ultimate first visit for your child.

Many families that are eligible don’t even know they are eligible!  Don’t let your money go to waste.

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