Are you feeling Jaw Pain or Headaches

Leading up to ? Christmas ? a lot of our patients have pain from are GRINDING and CLENCHING their teeth. Extra STRESS can send your muscles into overdrive. ? 

The muscles involved in chewing are called the Muscles of Mastication and are some of the strongest in our body.

When you overwork these muscles, a knot can develop (like any other muscle) and pain can affect any of these muscles.  As a result, pain may be felt in the cheek region, side of head or under your jaw. 

In the short term, massage might be enough to resolve the sensation.  Unless we target the cause, however, we can not prevent it from coming back.

Remarkably, there are many reasons you can get this jaw pain. 

  • Clenching and grinding due to stress
  • Uneven bite
  • Grinding in your sleep
  • Sleep Apnoea

Symptoms feel just like a toothache and we have everything needed to determine the cause and offer you a personal solution. ?

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