Bulk Billing Dentists

Bulk Billing Dentists

Government Vouchers

We know for some people dentistry can be difficult to afford, so for those that are eligible, we are able to bulk bill dental treatment.

Concession Card or Pension or Senior?

Many Adults don’t know that Government Dental Clinics offer a Voucher System so you can get private dental care.  Two types of vouchers are available for different purposes.

$260 Emergency Voucher

These vouchers are intended to address a single problem in your mouth.  You will only be offered one of these vouchers if your situation is deemed severe enough for emergency care treatment.

$750 Comprehensive Voucher

The $750 voucher is focused on prevention.  After receiving a $260 voucher, you can request you go on a waiting list for comprehensive care.  It will include a Checkup, Xrays and Clean. Furthermore, any work that is needed can be conducted up to the total value of this voucher.  

Please note, the dollar value is a limit only, and these vouchers can not be traded for cash.  Any funds not used before the expiry date are unable to be used and we will keep the voucher after treatment to seek reimbursement. You can ask for a copy of the invoice to see what we billed to Queensland Health at completion of the appointment.

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Emergency Voucher

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Child Dental Benefits Scheme (CDBS)

This scheme gives $1000 for dental to eligible kids aged 2-17 to use over two years. We bulk bill directly to Medicare to make the process easy for you! To find if you or your kids are eligible, fill out our form and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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International Health and Medical Services (IHMS)

A smile unites all nationalities. The “International Health and Medical Services” offers dental care for refugees and if you have the pictured card, we can help you.  Contact a participating GP for a referral and we fix things as soon as possible.

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